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Remote control google car

global network controls path of car
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In the future this car can be driven by a computer but for now we will make do with drivers.

Watch live stream from the car camera's

People at home can use an easy voting system to determine the route of this car.

Persuade others to vote for your favorite route or destination.

Vote now: left or right?

Car can be sent overseas on a boat or plane but the voters will have to pay for transport.

Voters pay for gas or electrical charge.

Balloons and planes, helicopters, drones etc. also available for the same purpose.

It would be interesting to see how this online community would function and where the vehicle would go. Would china organise a rally to get the car in their country, steal it from the usa? Or would the usa vote en masse to get this car to france?

zeno, Nov 28 2013


       It would perpetually be stuck in Miley Cyrus's driveway, if Google searches are any indication.
RayfordSteele, Nov 29 2013


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