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Car stereo/phone interaction

Phone aware car stereo
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With the new features of car stereo's/dvd players and whatever else, I would like to be able to plug my phone into the stereo, and then have the stereo lower the volume of the music that I am blaring and alert me of the call, since my music always overpowers the sound of the cell phone ring. Ideally, the end user would be able to determine if they wanted the music lowered, or some other method of notification (whether it be a beeping, or a flashing light, or whatever) that is least annoying to them. Regardless of the method of notification, if the user answers the call, the music would lower to a user defined preset level that allows them to talk/hear the conversation. This could be combined with existing hands free technology (routing the audio through the speakers) or with regular phone usage, again user determined. The obvious problem here would arise from different phones and different makers of car stereo's, and the need for them to interact with one another, but ultimately those are things that could be overcome.
yugffuts, Oct 23 2003

PIE Speakeasy device http://www.pie.net/se_brain.htm
Baked, integrates with your factory audio system, and automatically mutes the stereo when using the phone. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       I believed this is quite baked, particularly in high-end cars that can be ordered with a cellular phone built in. See link for a device that allows you to add this to an existing car stereo.
krelnik, Oct 23 2003

       Thanks for the feedback, I've got a question, though.   

       That link mentions "Automatic radio muting for incoming and outgoing calls", but does it mute the stereo when you PICK UP the phone, or does it mute the stereo when the phone RINGS. The whole point of my idea is that the radio detects the incoming call, so you don't miss it, and it didn't seem clear.   

       Either way, it's a relatively insignificant difference; at this point, I'm just curious to see if it will do what I want.   

yugffuts, Oct 23 2003

       The only carphone I've had a chance to play with did indeed 'mute' (ie, drop the volume but not completely mute) the stereo when the phone rang, not just when it was picked up.   

       Most (all?) moderately high-end head units have a phone-mute-input wire (light-blue iirc).
benjamin, Oct 23 2003

       baked in the Lincoln LS ... how about a phone that vibrates aswell as rings?
Letsbuildafort, Oct 23 2003


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