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Cell Phone into Car Radio

Adapter that runs your cell phone through your car speakers
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Maybe baked. Maybe crazy. Why not create an adapter for each model of cell phone that plugs into your car speakers? A microphone could be mounted in the adapter as well. When you get in the car, just put the cell phone into the adapter and you instantly are converted to hands free mode. You could even make it so that the radio shuts off automatically when a call comes in.
Thread7, Jun 25 2002


       BAKED! I know this is no place for cheap adverts or anything, but my company makes these things. They're about 4 inches wide and 4 inches tall, and they clip over the phone mouthpiece. Very cool indeedy...anyone want one?
gizmo_man, Jun 25 2002

       [Thread7] As [gizmo_man] says, this is Baked.   

       [gizmo_man] If you're giving them away, send one or two my way.
phoenix, Jun 25 2002

       Aah, I'd love to, but they're b-i-g money. Actually they're not (under five bucks), but you'd have to order quite a lot of them. I've seen them for over 150 bucks on the Internet, though, so there are lots of scam-mongers out there. Beware! =)
gizmo_man, Jun 26 2002

       Just saw an ad on daytime cable for one. Didn't catch the price, though.
bookworm, Jun 26 2002

       I love perusing older ideas that are baked to the point of being commonplace.   

       Maybe one day CD players might be found in cars too. Seriously!
Brian the Painter, Jan 06 2013


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