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Bluetooth Femtocell Simulator

Sautee smartphone app and make a range souffle with it
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Bluetooth has an impressive range. I often sync my Galaxy Tab with my stereo Bluetooth headset, then set the Tab down in my bedroom where it gets pretty good signal reception and walk across the house to the kitchen, living room, or basement (all of these seem to be deadspots where I get no reception), a good 25-30 feet WITH walls in the way, and listen to streaming internet radio or podcasts with near-perfect clarity. When I synch my Motorola Cliq XT smartphone with the headset and leave it in the room, I can do the same with phonecalls.

This got me thinking... I have several Android smartphones laying around that I've simply held onto after upgrading each time. They are all Bluetooth capable, but only work for SMS, data, and voice calls when they have an active SIM inserted and get signal.

So what I would like to do is sync one of these smartphones with another, and set the one with the SIM in the bedroom where it gets good service. Through Bluetooth, it would stream voice and data service to the one in my pocket, so I could use all the features of the smartphone while I'm in parts of the house that get poor cellular service but excellent Bluetooth reception.

Given the existing apps available to perform functions such as Bluetooth file transfer with devices that by default don't support it, the ability to browse a Bluetooth-connected smartphone's file directory, make/receive calls over Bluetooth, and perform internet tethering via Bluetooth, I'm absolutely confident this could be done with a well-designed downloadable app.

Note: This could also be used as a Wi-Fi range booster, since the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios can be operated simultaneously.

21 Quest, Aug 01 2011


       The idea for Bluetooth relay transceivers is documented in the original standard, so as a design concept, it's totally Baked.

       Commercial units are uncommon and somewhat pricey.

       Since it is purely a software project, coding a suitable client/server combo app for Android is, while admittedly non-trivial, entirely practicable.

       Hardwire/WiFi/Bluetooth bridging can be implemented using off-the shelf hardware, or a pc.

       We are reluctant to criticise the concept for "Widely Known To Exist" as it probably isn't, but it is Bakeable and indeed partially Baked.

       It is, however, Widely Known To Be Entirely Possible and Not A New Invention.

       With respect, Suggested For Deletion.
8th of 7, Aug 01 2011

       Has it been suggested previously to use another smartphone to do it? The benefit of my idea is that it allows customers to use existing equipment that they already have lying around the house (lots of people keep their old smartphones when upgrading to a newer model) or can purchase for cheap off Craigslist or eBay (you can buy a cheap HTC G1 or Huawei Ascend for less than 20 bucks).
21 Quest, Aug 01 2011

       Yes, but not widely publicised. The idea has been kicked around in the pub at about 2230, just before going for a curry.

       So to be fair, the idea could be characterised as "Widely known by a bunch of intelligent, competent, experienced and highly qualified but entirely unmotivated drunks, with lots of more important things to do when they go to their proper jobs".
8th of 7, Aug 01 2011


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