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Cell phone cradle

Connect your cellphone to your homephone.
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Picture a normal cell phone power cradle with an extra data line out. This line would then be connected to a special input jack in your house phone. When the cell phone is in the cradle, the house phone it’s connected to will ring instead of the cell phone. The house phone can also be connected to a normal landline, and set with different ringers for each line. The benefits of this are:
1) You can charge your cell phone while at home, and not have to worry about missing any calls if you leave the room.
2) This will stop you from losing calls as you wander around your house on your cell phone (this hasn't happened to me in a while, but in my old dorm room I would have to stand in the corner to be able to use my phone), because the cell phone will not be moved, only the house phone.
3) The bigger handsets used for house phones are usually more comfortable than cell phones for long conversations.
brodie, Sep 02 2004

Cingular FastForward http://www.cingular...d_voice/fastforward
Baked 1 [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

BT Bluephone http://www.gizmodo....archives/008039.php
Baked 2: no cradle for this one [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

Dock-N-Talk™ http://www.phonelabs.com/prd05.asp
Baked the way i pictured it. [brodie, Feb 09 2005]


       So your cell phone cradle has to be located someplace where it has reception?   

       Why not just use call forwarding? That way all the house phones will ring, not just the one plugged in through the special cradle.
scad mientist, Sep 02 2004

       Cingular has a cradle that does just that, [scad]. See first link.
krelnik, Sep 02 2004

       I wish there was a way to use my cell phone as a portable house phone, with some sort of base station sending signals from my house phone to my cell phone, allowing me to go a mile or so away from my house and still get reception.
destructionism, Sep 03 2004

       call fwding. baked.
ivanhoe, Sep 03 2004

       **Unlimited Call Forwarding is just $2.99 per month.** (from cingular site)
brodie, Sep 03 2004

       I could use this.
xtriplesix, Nov 16 2004


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