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Board Game-Organ Donor Game

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"You landed on my pancres. That's gonna cost ya!" Monopoly, with Organs. Game pieces are gurneys , (beds with wheels in hospitals) up to 4 players.
CV, Apr 01 2003

Customised monopoly boards http://www.mymonopoly.com/
This wouldn't give the level of customisation that CV wants, but would allow all the streets to be named after body parts. [st3f, Oct 04 2004]


       Belongs in Culture: Game: Board game. Scan all the categories before you write your ideas :)   

       How would this work, exactly? How do you pay rent on a spleen? More detail and it might be a decent idea.
sambwiches, Apr 01 2003

       How about ‘Public: Legal system’?
Shz, Apr 02 2003

       how do you distinguish gurneys? is the patients name and temp chart attached to the top of the bed.   

       not awfully keen on this sorry.
po, Apr 02 2003

       "Organ bank error in your favor. Collect 1 liver."   

       Not really a fun sort of topic, I think.
waugsqueke, Apr 02 2003


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