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A cross between Jenga and Monopoly
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Every player has their own Jenga tower in front of them. In addition, the banker has a Jenga tower.

Gameplay is as for normal monopoly except:

(a) When it is a player's turn, the player has to take one block from his tower and put it on the top of his tower, as per normal Jenga rules (if he rolled a double, he then has to take another Jenga turn when he re-rolls the dice)

(b) If a player wishes to build houses, he has to take a Jenga turn on the bank's tower for every $50 worth of houses he wishes to build. (E.g. building a house on Mayfair requires taking four Jenga turns.) If he removes all the pieces successfully, he can add the houses. If the tower collapses, he cannot add the houses (and he loses the money he paid for them)

(c) When a player lands on another player's property, the first player can choose to (i) pay the rent or (ii) take Y Jenga turns on the second player's tower, where Y = the number of houses on the property that the first player landed on OR the total rolled on the dice, whichever is higher

If the first player collapses the second player's tower, he has to either pay *double* the rent due OR pay the normal rent but also hand over any one of his properties to the second player

(d) When a player lands on his own property, he has the option of taking one or more Jenga turns on his own tower, up to a maximum of Z turns, where Z is the total rolled on the dice

(e) If a player happens to collapse another player's tower as the result of accident or clumsiness, the first player has to pay the hotel rate for the other player's most expensive property

(f) All towers that collapse are rebuilt immediately.

The game would start off like a normal Monopoly game. However, as the game progresses, players' towers become less stable. Then players have to weigh up risk and reward, e.g.:

* Do I build several houses now, and risk collapsing the bank's tower, or wait until someone else collapses it, and then build my houses when the tower is more stable?

* Do I pay the rent I owe, or take a chance on removing the Jenga pieces from the player's tower?

* Do I deliberately make my own tower more unstable in the hope of an opponent landing on my property soon, or is it too risky, since I might end up collapsing my own tower and missing out on rents until my tower becomes unstable again?

* Do I buy the crappy good-for-nothing utility companies, so I can use them tactically, by handing them over in lieu of rent if I collapse someone's tower?

imaginality, Jan 02 2008

Twin Jenga Twin_20Jenga
My Jengopoly idea was inspired by [Ian Tindale]'s anno on this idea [imaginality, Jan 02 2008]


       I was hoping the jenga towers would take the place of houses and hotels on the individual properties (on a vastly outsize board, obviously).
pertinax, Jan 02 2008

       I thought about that at first, but went with this because this has more chance of actually getting played - it's easier to scrounge together four or so Jenga sets than 24 of them for one per property (or even more if they're taking the place of individual houses). Your massively multi-Jenga version is the more halfbaked way to go, admittedly...
imaginality, Jan 02 2008

       Does Donald Trump get to play with small gold ingots?
saxman, Jan 02 2008

       This would make for a long game, and you'd need a good sized (and wobble-free) area to play on, but I bet it'd be fun.
phoenix, Jan 03 2008


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