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Gambling Monopoly

Play Monopoly with real money
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This is similar, but different, to the "real play money" idea. I've always thought that a simple game of Monopoly could easily be jazzed up simply by playing with real money.

The rules are simple. Any time you get money from the bank, you must exchange real money for the monopoly notes. 1c of real money buys one dollar of monopoly money. Eg. start of the game, everyone must put in $15 to get their $1500 starting money. Pass go, collect $200, pay $2 real money to the bank. Win first prize in a beauty contest, swap 10c for $10.

At the end of the game, the winner, ie the last person left after everyone else is bankrupt, gets the 'kitty', all the real money put in during the game.

The beauty of it is, the longer you stay in the game, the more money you have to put in - just like a game of poker. Players have to decide if it's worth risking more money to stay in the game.

Some extra rules: - You MUST give the bank money every time you receive money from the bank as part of the game: if you don't, you're out of the game. - You can't 'buy' money any time you want - only when you would normally have to as part of the game. - You can quit anytime, but you don't get back any of the real money you've already put in. - No auctions, or deals between players, as this could lead to cheating by allowing players to team up. - If you have to pay the bank money (as tax etc), you get the equivalent real money back. - Other than these rules, all standard monopoly rules apply.

If you and your friends are filthy rich, you can make it even MORE interesting by having $1 real money = $1 monopoly money.

commanderrobot, Jan 02 2004

real play money http://www.halfbake...real_20play_20money
This is a similar idea, but without the gambling component. [commanderrobot, Oct 04 2004]


       and the bank gets its money from where?
PeterSilly, Jan 02 2004

       I Have seen Monoply played for real money and real realestate . The players used kugerands , and big gem stones for their play pieces . Verry surreal !!!!
zippyt, Jan 03 2004

       I would sugest throw in a hand five card or black jack after every round too
Mossback74, Jan 03 2004

       //and the bank gets its money from where?// Here's an idea: If your players are really stupid, they can use some loaded person to be the banker! That way, whenever the players end up buying properties from the bank, they have to pay the amount to the banker! And all the banker would need to do is let people give him money! It's the perfect money-making scheme if you're rich, and have some really stupid pals.
red_ensign_chris, Jan 31 2004

       Umm, no. As I read it: you swap your real money for the banks paper money. New money is only added to the game when you pass go or pick up chance cards, and only lost to getting out of jail and other cards.   

       When you buy something off the banker you give him monopoly money and he gives you real money back. The real money always moves in the oposite way to the way you expect.   

       At the end of the game the winner gets all the real money.
RobertKidney, Jan 31 2004

       Destroy 4 houses just to build a hotel?
popbottle, Mar 24 2014


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