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A modernized reincarnation of that most monopolous of board games
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You roll the dice in an enclosed "Roll Zone". Scanners using the latest OCR technology tally the total displayed on the dice, which is fed to a central control computer. The computer then lights up the square you are supposed to move your piece to, and play cannot continue until you move to the correct square.

If you land on a Community Chest or Chance square, a small LCD displays your randomly-selected card on the screen, rather than dispensing an actual card.

If money is owed, such as when you pass Go or there is a bank error in your favor, the mini ATM dispenses the amount of cash owed to you. If you must pay the bank, the mini ATM will also take your cash payment. The ATM also accepts property deeds and deducts the mortgage value from your debt, dispensing change when an overpayment is made. In the event that a paper bill is crumpled beyond the ATM's ability to read it, a barcode along the edge can be scanned with a laser scanner.

The idea here is to keep at least some of the original feel of the game by retaining paper money and paper deeds, but to add a touch of modernity and simplify play. No more counting cash, the ATM dispenses each player's starting amount in the correct denominations at the beginning of the game. No more using a calculator to figure out if you'd be better off paying $200.00 or 10% of your total assets.

21 Quest, Sep 03 2011


       houses totally out of your budget reach to buy...

       I like this though - I was always banker and it felt like work! its a wonder that the original didn't ask for audited accounts.
po, Sep 03 2011

       For even greater realism, after a while property prices should collapse, and then there's a long interval while the Government bails out the Bank ...
8th of 7, Sep 03 2011

       The title had me hoping for Futuramaopoly.

       "Why not Zoidberg?"   

       Add holographic player pieces (like what they had in Star Wars) when the technology becomes available, and I'll be buying this. Also the jail should have miniature laser-bars.
monojohnny, Sep 03 2011

       The jail should have orange jump-suits and machine guns mounted on the corner towers.
pocmloc, Sep 03 2011

       Hm... perhaps a little BB gun turret to shoot the hand of anyone who tries to remove their piece from jail prematurely.
21 Quest, Sep 03 2011

       Hell, just lock the player in the closet. I mean, if they're in jail, there's probably a good reason for it...
Alterother, Sep 03 2011

       What, no bitcoins? This sounds more like 1990's-opoly.
swimswim, Sep 03 2011

       I'm waiting for Narcopoly, the fun family game where players vie for control of the world's drug markets.

       Hey, somebody should probably halfbake that...
Alterother, Sep 03 2011


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