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Bumper Sticker Internal Logic

So you don't look like a complete idiot
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I was tooling along in rush hour traffic, amusing myself with the myriad bumper stickers on the truck in front of me. All were very conservative, very right-leaning, until I saw the one that made spit out my teeth. It read: "Vote Republican. It's easier than thinking."

Now, either the guy wanted the clearly unwashed masses to give up on their eternal handwringing and vote his way, or else he didn't realize how big a finger he'd poked into the eye of the GOP.

My idea is a simple database of bumper sticker slogans - essentially a bunch of bumper sticker slogans all arranged into columns, which are all grouped according to compatibility and color coordinated for what complements what and what disagrees with what else. This way the individual entering them can assure himself that he hasn't committed a personal politics faux pas. I mean, we can't have the pink triangle on the same car that has the Jesus fish on it, can we? Or can we? Check with BumperStickerInternalLogic.com to check and be sure.

For added authenticity, you could order the BSIL.com bumper sticker, and show how important your politics are to you (show that you can't figure it out for yourself).

elhigh, Jul 23 2007

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       Isn't it possible the sticker owner was completely aware of the obvious joke?
zen_tom, Jul 23 2007

       + easier than thinking. only kidding.
po, Jul 23 2007

       I think he probably did realize.
normzone, Jul 23 2007

       If you can't figure it out for yourself you deserve what you get.
nuclear hobo, Jul 23 2007

       Another possible explanation is that the odd bumpersticker out was contributed by someone other than the vehicle's driver, deliberately designed to blend in.
jutta, Jul 23 2007

       Like "I'm changing the climate! Ask me how ..." on the back of a Hummer.
nuclear hobo, Jul 24 2007

       I'll have to get one of those on my way to school.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 24 2007

       It's entirely possible the guy is the victim of a bumper sticker terrorist and doesn't realize it. There were enough stickers back there he could easily go months without realizing the count had changed.   

       I have one: "US Rowing." I don't row anymore, but I did, and I still go to regattas. I support them. No other stickers = no conflicts.
elhigh, Jul 24 2007

       Ack - I just realised that I'd missed the point of this idea completely - I was picturing that the "myriad bumper stickers" were on assorted vehicles, in a one sticker to one vehicle type relationship, it hadn't occurred to me (despite it being quite clearly worded in the idea text) that anyone would actually have more than one bumper sticker attached to their vehicle. From my point of view it appeared that this was an instance of TIF (total irony failure) -oops, sorry - it all makes perfect sense now.
zen_tom, Jul 24 2007

       It works with single stickers, too - like an Earth Day sticker on a Hummer.
nuclear hobo, Jul 25 2007

       I'd have touchy-feely pro-environmental stickers on my truck, but it still runs on fossil fuels. I could almost get away with it, saying I'm making maximum use of the original energy investment in the 20-yr-old truck, but that gets too long winded. It won't fit on a sticker.
elhigh, Jul 25 2007

       I'm going to wager that with the gas milage you get in that monster, you're looking at a net negative on that investment.
globaltourniquet, Jul 25 2007

       I'm with [elhigh]. Persevering with an old car is surely more environmentally friendly than scrapping it and building another.
Texticle, Jul 25 2007

       Not a monster at all - it's an '87 Toyota, so it isn't that big. Without driving carefully, it delivers 30 mpg. I've been tracking the mileage since it was new.   

       When I make a little extra effort (lots of coasting, engine off at lights), mileage jumps to about 32 mpg. On one long trip, where I kept my speed to exactly 55 mph the whole way (lots of aggravated people whipping around me, saluting with one finger), my stout little truck returned 37.48 mpg. It's got the carbureted engine, no mods, all smog equipment in place and working.   

       If I were to get a brand new truck of comparable size, the best gas mileage it would deliver would be in the mid- twenties. Manufacturers have sacrificed fuel efficiency to deliver to a perceived desire for more power. Besides that, no one is building a compact truck with a bed as long as mine. No thanks.
elhigh, Jul 26 2007

       never mind the environment, just mess with peoples' heads Like:"If you can read this, you must be literate"
giligamesh, Nov 25 2007


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