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Bob Your Uncles

An interactive game involving no apples
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For this game, you will need:
1 deep barrel-shaped swimming pool, full of water
3-4 50kg weights
3-4 uncles
A number of nephews, nieces and other willing contestants
Some short lengths of rope

Choose a sunny day, preferably near a fairground. Set up the game by filling the swimming pool, playing some suitably fairgroundy brass band music, and forming an orderly queue.

Next, attach the uncles to the 50kg weights using the short lengths of rope. Suspend the weights over the barrel of water, then release, making sure the uncles don't bash their heads on the side as they submerge.

Each contestant is given 1 minute to use their powerful jaws to 'bob' for uncles. No hands allowed - these must be held behind the back.

The winner is the contestant who successfully retrieves the most uncles. Should a contestant actually retrieve their own uncle, an extra prize may be awarded.

Alternative versions of the game include: blindfolding the contestants, blindfolding the uncles, using apples or other orchard fruit in place of the uncles.

cheesecake, Apr 17 2007

Origin of the phrase http://www.worldwid....org/qa/qa-bob1.htm
[calum, Apr 17 2007]


       Hmm... rather your uncles than mine [no vote]
pertinax, Apr 17 2007

       A councillor? Odd. I'd have thought a counsellor would have been more appropriate 8~P
Cosh i Pi, Apr 17 2007

       A similarly pun-based excuse for an idea might be a game where nephews and nieces try to cool the leg-joints of their parent's female siblings by encouraging local airflow around said body-parts.
zen_tom, Apr 17 2007

       ...something to do with "Aunt Fanny" - not sure I've got it though...
hippo, Apr 17 2007

       Fan (the) knees (of) your Aunt.
zen_tom, Apr 17 2007

       That's TERRIBLE. But I can't give a bun for an annotation, can I?
Cosh i Pi, Apr 17 2007


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