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Combine All Candy-Based Holidays

Has anyone but me noticed the influx of these candy-based holidays?
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Hello, All, This is not as much as idea as an observation but I think some good ideas could come of it.

When did the candy industry start commandeering standard holidays as candy-giving holidays? I think their must be some sort of conspiracy going on here.

At least in the U.S., Halloween is what I would call a candy holiday. As soon as the holidays approach the supermarkets start hawking their candies at the front of the store. That's the one that most American kids know.

Exactly (almost) 6 months later comes Easter with it's influx of candy. Twice a year the candy companies have carte blanche to persuade us into consuming their nutritionless goodies.

Recently I've noticed candy displays for Valentine's Day which is pretty close to the halfway point between Halloween and Easter. I am expecting another candy-based holiday to pop up sometime between Easter and Halloween sometime in the near future even if the candy companies have to get in bed with the greeting card companies and invent one, i.e. Sweetest' Day?

dgeiser13, Jan 17 2001


       I always figured the string of alternating sugar-based holidays (Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter) and protein-based holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas) were engineered by aliens to fatten us up for abduction season.
egnor, Jan 17 2001

       Uh, the 'coffee' holidays? Columbus day, Veteran's day, Martin Luther king's birthday?   

       Lottery should be conducted with candy cards, that way we could see who cashes and who bolts. That would be a show of how greedy some people are.
reensure, Jan 17 2001


       You are brilliant. I think you've just busted a conspiracy wide open.
rachele, Jan 20 2001


It's a wonder there are no fat-oriented holidays. This Valentine's day, buy some lard for your loved one.
hippo, Jan 23 2001

       There's Mardi Gras...
jutta, Jan 23 2001

       They have holiday themed food in the stores year round!!! Let's start with halloween, because that's the obvious. Then comes continuation of fall candy with the above mentioned Thanksgiving treats, and obviously lard full food. Then comes Christmas candy. Red and green everything. You can't escape! This year, they had started stocking valentine candy practically before Christmas, so there's that. We would have a little break for a month or two before Easter, but the stores jump right in after Feb 14. We then have much of the summer off, cuz there really isn't any candy selling going on for July 4th (in america), though normal food starts being colored red, white, and blue. Cycle begins back in October.
DreamGoddess, Feb 08 2001

       I move for a broccoli-based holiday sometime in the holiday downtime of August.
dredcat7, Mar 01 2001


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