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Canada Constitution Day

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I was just looking at the stat holidays in Canada and we now have one for every month in the calendar year except April. To remedy this I looked up history and found out various things happened in april that are worth a day of solemn contemplation in a non-work environment.

Namely Constitution day! the day that England set out an act letting us be free!

In the spirit of this day, we should totally have it off or something.

bob, Mar 06 2016


       I dunno.
When they took First To Invent out of the constitution without so much as a by-your-leave they kinda stuck a big'ol steak-knife in its ribs... so I'll probably work that day just like every other stat holiday I don't get off.

       (+) for figuring a legit April holiday.   

       For Canada, April 1 would be singularly appropriate...
8th of 7, Mar 07 2016

       OK, 8th, I'll ask the question. Why would April 1 be appropriate for Canada?   

       And before you answer, please factor in the knowledge that we Canadians live next door to a nation that has historically elected leaders that are either stumbling, bumbling, lecherous, or unethical, and are on the verge of installing an effete clown as their commander-in-chief.
Canuck, Mar 07 2016

       You forgot to mention that average IQ in Canada is slightly higher than the average IQ in your nearest neighbouring country.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 07 2016

       // Why would April 1 be appropriate for Canada? //   

       For being foolish enough to permit the use of french as if it were a real language, of course.
8th of 7, Mar 07 2016

       Oh, that! We western Canadians had little say in that decision. The phrase "rammed down our throats" was very commonly heard west of Thunder Bay.   

       Besides, we're just too darned polite to tell anyone to take off, eh?
Canuck, Mar 08 2016


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