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Body Part Spotter

More Opportunity to be the Keen Eyed Hero
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This is for anyone that finds themselves scanning debris in the water or garbage on the side of the road hoping to be the first to spot a stray body part.

Fake body parts that look real and dismembered. Each would have unique features to support marketing or environmental initiatives.

For Example: The floater arm or head would have a charcoal based water purification action on its inside.

You see a dismembered foot on the side of the road with part of the bone sticking out. Pull over to take a close look, then when you look at the bottom of the foot you see what looks like a tattoo is actually an advertisement for explosion proof boots.

Some parts could have hidden compartments for treasure hunt types of promotions etc..

The finder gets a few things A. the thrill of finding a body part (some people might get to feel like a hero for an instant) B. a story to tell that normally wouldn't but will in fact have a happy ending. C. might get a prize or at least have a gruesome fake body part for the kids to play with on Halloween.

vfrackis, Apr 02 2010

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       If these were made by the same folks who make chewy dog toys, it would increase the chance that roaming dogs might perceive the similarity, pick them up and bring them home - thus simulating the natural history of real stray body parts. Plus the items would be chewier.
bungston, Apr 02 2010

       Perhaps they could be edible?
pocmloc, Apr 02 2010

       //Perhaps they could be edible?//   

       That's not really any different from a *real* body part.
MikeD, Apr 02 2010

       Dang rubberneckers! <honks horn>   

Mustardface, Apr 03 2010

       I think we should all give this idea a big hand. Or maybe a foot...
Canuck, Apr 04 2010

       Dogs would love this too. [+]
8th of 7, Apr 04 2010


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