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Bodyboard Retrofit for skimboarding

For those who would like to keep their beautiful shins.
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Skimboarding is fun! You launch yourself directly towards the wave on a thin but rigid board from a running start. This can also be very painful. Drop the skimboard on the sand the wrong way and you can get a shinful of plywood or fiberglass. For those who want to start but don't want the danger of taking plywood to their shins or gut (like I have, admittedly), I present a solution: a retrofit kit for your bodyboards.

Bodyboards are foam, with a thicker plastic sheet on the bottom. Great for riding waves, but when confronted with the stresses of running straight into an oncoming wave, the WILL bend.

The retrofit would be a hard plastic shell that covers the front and bottom of the bodyboard, giving it rigidity but allowing the top and back portions to be the regular bodyboard foam. It is essentially a bodyboard Bra.

Plus, i'd rather have a foam plastic bodyboard flying at me than a chunk of plywood.

twitch, Mar 24 2010




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