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Flowriders for dams

Solves the major expense of a flowrider machine.
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Flowrider machines (link) look really really really really really fun, but, they are expensive, the main costs are those associated with the equipment to pump the water against the bank that creates the wave. If a flowrider was made at the base of a dam then gravity could provide the pressure for the water, just open a sluice and the water comes shooting out against the wall making the wave.

The Flowriders on this site are pretty poor examples, Some like on in Texas I think and the swatch mobile wave machine actually have waves with a lip and a curl.

Gulherme, Nov 07 2002

A flowrider machine http://www.flowrider.com
Basically a still wave. [Gulherme, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Dam and spillway. http://www.lakeorov...o-aerial-photo.html
More than enough power when the water comes from near the top of the lake. [half, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Here's a dam with a nice long spillway (link). Maybe you can get them to add "the wall" on the spillway. I've seen the action of the water when this spillway is open. You won't catch me anywhere near it.
half, Nov 07 2002

       All my friends know the Flow rider
The Flow rider is a little higher
Flow rider surfs a little slower
Flow rider is a real goer
Flow rider knows every dam yeah!
Flow rider is the one to surf yeah!
Flow rider don't use no gas now
Flow rider don't surf too fast
Make inland surf trip
Make inland surf trip
Make inland surf trip and see
Make inland surf trip
Make inland surf trip
Make inland surf trip with me
thumbwax, Nov 08 2002

       [thumbwax] very good.
kaz, Nov 08 2002

       [Gulherme: you need to go back and put the http:// in that link...]
DrCurry, Nov 08 2002

       I live in New Braunfels(we have a flowrider) and when the flowrider isn't open, we hook a rope up to the middle of a small dam, and ride our bodyboards there. Your idea is so good, it works, and we use it. Go build yourself one, its worth the effort.
thedirtsurfer, Sep 09 2003


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