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hover board

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Its a snowboard with an engine on the back of it that pushes enough air out to make the hover board float in mid-air. It also has a rocket pack of some kind on it to make the board move forward.
c-mat27, Nov 12 2002


       HOW non-skate does the guy in the link look?!?   

       *Sigh* [c-mat27] Welcome to the halfbakery. We work on a set of loose rules and provisos here. Have a look at the help section (in the menu, to the left). It's quite quick to read and may help stop you making mistakes common to newcomers.
Zircon, Nov 12 2002

       He may look non skate (non-shredder?) but he looks exactly $15K hover board.   

       Which is to say that the hammacher-schlemmer device does not much resemble a snowboard.
bristolz, Nov 12 2002

       Yeah, I didn't spot the price 'til after, I guess this is aimed at the richer version of the business men who bought (hated by me) microscooters.   

       I think this wants re-catergorising
Zircon, Nov 12 2002

       that's easy for you to say...
tyskland, Nov 12 2002


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