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Hover Board Half Pipe

Skate the magnetic vert ramp on a hover board!
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Remember in Back To The Future II those cool hover boards? Well this is an attempt to mimic that action on a half pipe. You build a huge half pipe, or a bowl, and line the bottom with powerful electro-magnets. Then you take a skate board deck and line the bottom with magnets and wollah! Imagine how high you could get since there is no friction between the board and the pipe, just the force of two opposing magnets. Once you perfect the science, you could build an entier skate park out of this stuff! Once someone builds this let me know cause I want to skate it.
ecolonsmak, Jun 11 2002

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Maglev Skating [[ sctld ], Jun 11 2002]


       Or magnets and a superconducting board..
yamahito, Jun 11 2002

       Cold feet with that superconducting board, yama...   

       The superconducting magnets I've worked with needed liquid helium, so really thick boots could be in order.
drew, Jun 11 2002

       Really? The ones we've looked at only requires liq. Nitrogen, and I'm told they're able to superconduct at higher and higher temps these days, so perhaps, in the not-too-distant future...   

       Of course the samples I've seen have been of the order of a few grams, and have suspended millimeters above the surface...
yamahito, Jun 11 2002

       "WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR - "Wasn't that cool, that thing I saw in the movie? Wouldn't it be neat if it were real?" As in, light sabers, hover boards, and memory implants."
phoenix, Jun 11 2002

       The highest temp 'practical' superconducting material has its limits around 122 Kelvin.
dag, Jun 11 2002

       [yamahito]: The things I was talking about are actually supercooled superconducting electromagnets, similar to the main magnet in a MRI scanner, such as you might see in a hospital. On an industrial scale (800mm bore), they produce ~60 Tesla, rather than the ~2-5 Tesla of a scanner. Kind of spendy intially, but really cheap to run once energised.
drew, Jun 12 2002

       My work is never done, I swear.   

       The reason given for this m-f-d is a subcategory of WIBNI. From the help page, a WIBNI is "something widely known as desirable, *_but unobtainable, without giving any new clues as to how it could be done_*." (Emphasis mine.)   

       ecolonsmak clearly describes how this could be done. That's not to say it would work, but the attempt was made.   

       The designation is intended to remove ideas that are not explained. This one is. As such, it does not deserve the m-f-d for this reason. However, I would support an m-f-d for "redundant."   

       StarChaser, I find it particularly ironic that you, of all people, mark this for deletion, when in fact the idea is practically _identical_ to your maglev skates.
waugsqueke, Jun 12 2002

       What waugs said.   

       Steer clear of the words 'hover board' especially alongside movie references, [ecolonsmak]; you're just opening yourself up to a whole world of pain with the Wow Cool Movie thing. What just saves you here, to my mind, is that your board is not a WIBNI magical technology doodad, working, a la Back to the Future, over any surface. Don't know that it would actually work as described, but, hell, that's why the place is called the Halfbakery.   

       Unfortunately, this does duplicate StarChaser's basic idea (although it also extends it somewhat) and as such might be better as an annotation to that, rather than as an idea in its own right. Sorry, dude.
Guy Fox, Jun 12 2002

       Yo. I have to apologize.   

       I didn't read the idea properly and jumped for the throat. While the WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR call might be valid for some ideas floating around here, this isn't one of them because a 'plausible' construct is provided.   

       A tip o' the hat to [pecolonsmak] for the trouble, [waugsqueke] for setting me straight, [Guy Fox] for pointing out what was wrong with the idea and a cuppa joe for [StarChaser] to keep you awake at the help desk. Thanks for backing me up, even though I was wrong.   

       And an ever-so-lightly blown smooch, westward bound, to [jutta] for making it all possible.
phoenix, Jun 13 2002

       Same here, Phoenix. I missed the maglev thing.
StarChaser, Jun 13 2002

       Kiss-kiss to you too [blissmiss], just because.
phoenix, Jun 13 2002

       And two giants to bash the skateboarders from end to end?
drew, Jun 13 2002

       I know that a final year student at my university in London was producing such a hover board using an air jet principal, he’s had funding from a top computer games manufacture ( I believe to be Sony) to produce working prototype for the release of a game about hover boarding. Obviously it would be one off production so way too expensive now, but in years to come, and if there’s a market who knows!
gue, Sep 22 2002

       just a question, how do you turn this board since there is nothing touching the ground? magnetic skateboard bearings however would give a similar sort of speed but also give you the ability to turn.
Gulherme, Sep 23 2002

       u could have long tracks along paths u'd never be late for school again!!!!
starman, Nov 14 2002

       No, no, no! This is a good, _doable_ idea. The half-pipe gets round all the problems of a free flying board. My implementation avoids superconduction and all the other fantasy requirements, except cost.   

       You need two opposing forces, magnetism and compressed air. half-pipe has variable strength electro-magnets and strong air-hockey vents. Neodymium magnets in the board hold the board on the pipe wall, but the air vets keep the board off the wall. The inductance testing in the local loops can be used to detect the board's location, localising the air jets to minimise energy wastage.   

       A hand-held remote can vary the electromagnetic attractive force and do tricks. Steering is tricky, but in the half-pipe scenario, it's possible. Tilting the board will make it go in one direction or another.   

       My vote +. Use some imagination, guys (and gals)!   

       PS, Hadn't read Steve DeGroof's note. Oops. Magnetism is still important, IMO.
FloridaManatee, Jan 02 2003

       Hello ppl! Can't you see the obiousness of theis idea! Pretty soon I'm going to make one and when I'm done I'm gonna [if I can] give you ppl a video of me riding on it. This idea totally rox but I've know about this thing for long b4 any1 else. Goodbye [click!]
JoeyWheeler20, Feb 13 2004

       and what happens when you get to high for the magnets to work. or if the board comes out from under you. and what happens when your board comes of the magnetic floor? and with just the force of magnets between you wouldnt it be quit slippery? extra pads might be needed.   

       a metal floor!!   


       Joey YOU SUCK!!!
John_R_123, Feb 23 2004

       Ok this idea does not explain how it would work at all. the board would just flip over. my idea tells how to stop that happening.
Deadlock'd, Mar 04 2004


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