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Boogieman Forensics Kit

To keep the scary monsters at bay.
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PhoenixCo is proud to introduce the Boogieman Forensics Kit - our latest addition to our long line of quality children's toys. The kit includes our special formula GhosTrace spray*, Ultra-VioLight flashlight**, magnifying glass and sample jar.

Using the Kit is easy: Whenever a child complains about a monster in the closet, ghost in the corner, or boogieman under the bed, grab the Kit and get to work. A blast or two from the can of GhosTrace will reveal any foot/paw/hand/tenticle prints the creature may have left behind when used in conjunction with the UltraVio-Light. The magnifying glass will allow you or your child to seek even the most minute trace of evidence and, should evidence be found (!), the handy sample jar will hold it for further examination.

Now you and your children can rest easy knowning the boogyman doesn't stand a chance. And you can prove it!

* Non-toxic air freshener
** Flashlight with a purple bulb

phoenix, Apr 05 2003

Clue Spray http://www.advanced...om/other.html#os001
This might help. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Stun Monster Stun Gun http://www.personal...un_gun/stun_gun.htm
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       And if it works? (i.e., you *find* footprints in the closet, *large* ones?)
DrCurry, Apr 05 2003

       //And if it works?//
[Doc], then you'd break out your handy-dandy "Stun Monster Stun Gun" -- [link].
I also found a recipe for "Monster Repellent", but it requires "magic water", and I'm fresh out.
Amos Kito, Apr 05 2003

       I want the corresponding kit (made with Evil Technology, of course) that will *place* scary looking footprints to be revealed by this kit.
krelnik, Apr 05 2003

       I exorcised the room. Annually.
thumbwax, Apr 05 2003

       I'm with Krelnik!!
Pericles, Apr 05 2003

       I was hoping for a large size forensic kit for boogiemen - Use creatures who are able to live under any bed and in any cupboard, and hide a soon as the lights are turned on to solve crimes.
miasere, Apr 06 2003

       I've had a boogieman under my bed for years. He's a close friend. I bring him snacks. Well, until last week anyway. I realised it was just my cat in a boogieman costume, the crafty bastard.
sambwiches, Apr 06 2003

       Mine is German and hides in my nose. I know from the sonorous "Gesundheit" after every sneeze.
FarmerJohn, Apr 07 2003

       Mine is unemployed at the moment, hence the previous anno about the kit for the boogiemen. I was hoping he would be able to help on the rent.
miasere, Apr 07 2003


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