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Easy Electronics

Embed electronic components into connectable modules
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Problem: Constructing a basic electronic circuits can be a tedious activity, usually involving a mess of wires and tiny components.

Solution: Embed each electronic component into a connectable module (eg male/female connector, like an earphone jack).


-Each connectable module would be clearly marked with a symbol representing component type and component value.

-All modules would be in standard sizes/shapes so circuits would fit together neatly/predictably.

-Connectable modules would follow a standard convention (input=female, output=male).

-User could embed their own components into modifiable modules.

-Lots of 'user-friendly' components would be available (such as little ammeters and voltmeters which could easily be connected throughout the circuit).

-Could be used for digital and/or analogue electronics.

This invention would be useful for prototyping and teaching electronics.

xaviergisz, May 11 2004

http://en.wikipedia...ki/Gakken_EX-System I wish I had these as a kid... [xaviergisz, May 28 2006]

http://www.logiblocs.com/index.htm same again. [xaviergisz, May 28 2006]


       Sorry but way baked! We had something similar in Physics class at High School.
silverstormer, May 11 2004

       This sounds like a "bread board". I'm not sure if it is called something else in other parts of the world.
Laughs Last, May 11 2004


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