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Build your own nuke

The child's educational toy
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efore I start I’d like to point out that this idea contains no nuclear or radioactive substances.

This toy teaches children how nuclear reactions and bombs worked. They follow the step-by-step kit to build a city landscape, (a pain staking process which would be very difficult and take a long time) the nuke itself would probably just be a simple vinegar bicarbonate soda reaction in a sealed container. The main point of this toy would be that when it came to test the nuke when it is set off the nuke explodes and shortly after a hidden detonator blows up the beautifully crafted city which the child had spent hours of their time making, then when they see the horror of the destruction and one of their most prided achievements lying in tatters and scraps, completely destroyed, they realise the true horror of nuclear war and it’s consequences, they thus learn to hate nuclear war and campaign against it and eventually nuclear war and it’s threats might just disappear after a generation or so.

Note that it would contain strict safety instructions

talen, Jan 10 2003


       I think you underestimate the desire of kids to blow everything up. The child's response is more likely to be: "Wow, neat, let me get myself some plutonium and make me a real nuke!"
kropotkin, Jan 10 2003

       ...or maybe the child would be so annoyed that you blew up his city landscape, that he would grow up bitter and twisted vowing revenge on the toy inventor. Eventually turning into a terrorist, and take sweet revenge by dropping a real nuke on the city of the toy inventors home!
silverstormer, Jan 10 2003

       Haven't you heard the stories of kids building the WTC with lego and playing 'september the 11th' Kids do not see nor understand the horror. They just the the Jerry Brockhiemerness of it all, and a good thing to, because to make them understand you would need to convince them of the futility of life and the inevitability of death, and then, well, they wouldn't really be children any more, would they?
Zircon, Jan 10 2003

       I tried, I failed, I'll go home to the drawing board.
talen, Jan 10 2003

       [talen] You'll have a whole forest next to your house at this rate ;)
silverstormer, Jan 10 2003

       [silverstormer] I'm going to sell it for lumber. =|:-)8
talen, Jan 10 2003

talen, Jan 10 2003


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