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Boot Break-in Bot

Robot foot takes the pain out of new shoes
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Feet come in different sizes and shapes.

A scanner would image your feet in 3D and track your walking style, and then calibrate a pair of robot feet that would conform to your feet and break in your shoes/boots for you but at accelerated speed.

FloridaManatee, Apr 14 2003

Pre-faded, worn in, non-descript sneakers http://www.halfbake...descript_20sneakers
Inspiration source [FloridaManatee, Oct 04 2004]


       break-in dancing shoes
po, Apr 14 2003

       I have read that bespoke shoes do not need to be broken it (since they already fit perfectly). I suspect the cost of your machine would make bespoke shoes look cheap.
DrCurry, Apr 14 2003

       Can we say, "Electric Shoe Tree?" I picture a whole bumch of shoes in my closet, all moving at once. Enough to freak out any 2 year old!
Bowner42, Apr 14 2003


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