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Bottle Deposit trip gambling

Ten men enter with bags of cans - One man leaves with a slight frown
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From this location, It costs about 2 dollars in gasoline to haul bottles/cans in for recycling. So people save up the stuff until they have say 10 dollars worth or are headed to that part of town for other reasons.

Suppose I post the following notice to all these can savers:

Recycle bottles and cans! Meet Saturday noon to 12:15 == Bring your recyclables to the dumpster.

(If you have less than 20 cans/bottles, someone will buy them at a 5 cents each.)

We will roll dice to see who gets to haul it all in. Those with the most cans have greater chance of "winning" the lottery.

The rest of us will pack the winners vehicle, and go do something else with our Saturday. Payments made at 2 pm today or after next Saturdays meet.

Percentile dice will be used.

<end of notice>

I think this will make single cans that I have to pick up as litter now more valuable. It will make those piles of cans waiting for some one going that way to be smaller. So some ugly will go. It will also give the honey doers a short break and a chance to meet the neighbors.

popbottle, Apr 27 2014

two men enter https://www.youtube...watch?v=pmRAiUPdRjk
one man leave [popbottle, Apr 27 2014]




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