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Clothing Recycle Marks

Sorting your undies takes on a new meaning
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Most textiles can be recycled even though there is no mechanism in place for the public to do this. Second-hand stores will send clothing that is too ratty to be reused to a recycler where it will be snipped, shredded, or shipped to a third world country for re-use (Hey mon, nice shirt, where's you buttons n wot's this big holy moly?).

I propose a new system of labeling textiles that allows for easy assessment of the type of material. Use the familiar triangular recycling logo, inside of which would be one of several letters to determine the type of material:

C - cotton W - wool N - nylon R- rayon M - two blends X - too many blends

The mark would ideally be on the tag, though a new fashion trend could use that singular mark as decoration on a shirt, either on the lapel, chest, or whole shirt. Strict federal regulations and enormous fines would be an unlikely prevention to manufacturers putting, say 'C' on a polyester shirt.

bdag, Sep 28 2009




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