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Coin Cans

Shrink empty, shape memory alloy, beer and soft drink cans to tokens
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Drink cans made out of Nitinol, after use, could be placed over small induction heater spots near purchase points to shrivel back to a coin shape. Several of these tokens could be redeemed to buy a new beer or other products. This should give a boost to recycling because of its small size and by being a valuable, literal, deposit currency.
FarmerJohn, Sep 07 2002


       Had we but world enough, and Nitinol,
This coin-ness, Farmer, still wouldn't work at all.

       Doesn't seem to matter though, the FJ Universe has its own internal coherence. A miraculous place. The skies are always some electric-pastel color; there is no litter; everyone walks jauntily...   

       +1 to the ongoing FJ Universe Project.
General Washington, Sep 07 2002


       well, I would like to be a piglet on Farmer John's farm
po, Sep 07 2002

       "Ha!" said Farmer John,
As he munched off his spork,
"He started out po
But he ended up pork."
General Washington, Sep 07 2002

       just you put a sock in it!
po, Sep 07 2002


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