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Bouncy Golf Balls 2

one-time expansion for longer flight
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Design a golf ball with some kind of stored energy, such as an explosive or a highly compressed gas. On impact, the ball would instantly increase very slightly in size, putting that energy into the first bounce. (off of the golf club) After expansion, the ball should have the properties of a standard ball.
Voice, Nov 20 2008


       Got any specifics for us?
Custardguts, Nov 20 2008

       A hard shell seperated in many places by a thin wedge of flexible material. (imagine the outside of an orange with very thin wedges, it would look like that) with an explosive cap and a ball of compressed gas inside. If the ball is hit the carteridge (sp?) breaks, the gas expands, and the ball suddenly increases in size. But whats the point of enumerating one of the many, many ways this can be done?
Voice, Nov 20 2008

       I could quite possibly be wrong about this but wouldn't increasing the golf ball in size have the opposite effect from the one you want by increasing drag?   

       It would end up the same size and with the same air friction as a standard golf ball.
Voice, Nov 21 2008

       'my balls are always bouncing, to the left and to the right....'   

       An explosion at impact might impart a nasty slice.
Zimmy, Nov 21 2008


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