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eggs + golf = Eggolf
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Eggolf is a new type of golf, so named because in this version, the ball is egg shaped.

Every other aspect of the game remains exactly the same, with the new egg balls having the identical size, weight, internal construction, and dimpled surface as the conventional balls.

This game was actually originally devised as a second world war weapon of cultural disruption by none other than Eggolf Hitter, (secret alter ego of the infamous dictator) who named it after himself.

xenzag, May 15 2021

Oh those Kiwi's. https://www.youtube...watch?v=BF_gFadnWNg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 15 2021]


       I think this would make the game oeufully difficult
hippo, May 15 2021

       There would definetly be a lot of scrambling about to track the wildly bouncing balls.
xenzag, May 15 2021

       I don't understand how you could hit the egg any useful distance without smashing it.   

       Enormously squishy rubber golf bats perhaps?
pocmloc, May 15 2021

       Perhaps for optimum swing angle and hitting speed you could have a rotary strain gauge attached to the handle of your bat. You just need to engage the services of a dial fitter.
pocmloc, May 15 2021

       //new egg balls having the identical size, weight, internal construction, and dimpled surface as the conventional balls// This means you can hit them as hard as you want as per un-egg shaped golf balls.
xenzag, May 15 2021

       [+] but somebody beat you to it. [link]   

       Ha... nearly, but mine are egg shaped. Those New Zealand variants are miniature rugby balls. Eggolf rules!
xenzag, May 15 2021

       Fair enough... I'm trying to place exactly which bodily twinge it was that let me know somebody had already modified a golf ball from spherical.   

       There's nothing to sphere, but sphere itself.   

       Different species eggs are different shape. You need to specify species to be sure.
pocmloc, May 16 2021

       I think it must be hens to generate even more cringe making egg related puns. There is no level of ridicule that golf doesn't merit.
xenzag, May 16 2021

       //There's nothing to sphere, but sphere itself//
Brilliant! [marked for tagline]
neutrinos_shadow, May 16 2021


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