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Fingerprint Golf Balls

Aerodynamic and Personalized
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It is well known that the dimples on golf balls retain a layer of air around the ball in order to enhance aerodynamics. It is also known that a certain class of wealthy golfers will pay any amount of money for their equipment - especially if it is conspicuously expensive and bespoke.

These types of 'money-to-burn' golfers would simply provide their fingerprint to the factory which is imprinted onto the golf balls. This would add to the 'air-grabbing' quality (possibly) and unequivocally identify the owner's ball on the green.

Keep the fingerprints on file at the factory and profit.

AusCan531, Jun 29 2019


       A word to the wise; at all costs, avoid mentioning phrases such as "fingering your balls" as this inevitably attracts sordid, dirty-minded reprobates, which means not only Sturton but probably {xenzag] as well.
8th of 7, Jun 29 2019

       There would be an orientation to teeing up. Lefthand or right.
wjt, Jun 30 2019


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