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Bouncy Wheelchairs

Yes, I'm Shameless
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Functions similar to the way a wabbit wuns. Inspired by [squeaketh the wheel]'s idea for bouncy sidewalks.
Grogster, Oct 24 2012

Inspired, Am I Bouncy_20Sidewalks
[Grogster, Oct 24 2012]


       dammit, I was gonna post that [+] <grumble>
FlyingToaster, Oct 24 2012

       I hope no one runs their bouncy wheelchair on the bouncy sidewalk. That could be dangerous.
sqeaketh the wheel, Oct 25 2012

       I think the bouncy sidewalk idea is more or less how Slamball was invented. The bouncy-wheelchair version is of course called Slam-into-the- walls-and-ceiling-ball.
Alterother, Oct 25 2012

       Why the hell not. +
blissmiss, Oct 25 2012

       The hoodlums will be putting nails in the wheels and deflating the sidewalks!!
xandram, Oct 25 2012


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