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Festive Grit

visibly grit the pavements and bring good cheer
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Instead of putting up so many Christmas lights, then not having enough money to properly fund the gritting of pavements, prudent local councils may like to consider using Festive Grit.

Regular grit is (I presume) a mixture of sharp sand and rock salt. Festive Grit has added sparkles, and day-glow bits to make it look particularly amazing when subjected to a little bit of uv light.

Being highly visible, it not only looks festive, but also means that it's very easy to see which sections of the pavement have been adequately treated, and which have not.

xenzag, Jan 14 2010


       That's why it says pavements and not roads - Oi! You at the back - yes you, - pay attention!
xenzag, Jan 14 2010

       Damn, I was hoping for cocoa nibs.
jutta, Jan 14 2010

       you better have some way to explain how this is environmentally sustainable.
WcW, Jan 14 2010

       WcW - the sparkles will reflect sunlight, thereby offsetting some of the global warming which was obviously responsible for the cold weather in the first place.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 14 2010

       You really don't want Global Warming to get any worse, especially if you are one the hundreds of millions who live in places like Bangladesh, already subject to catastrophic flooding (population 160,000,000).
xenzag, Jan 14 2010

       One could add cocoa nibs, or pink hearts, green stars and NEW Blue Diamonds! for special promotions.   

       These would be eaten by the gentle animals who live along highways, so facilitating ecology and the Circle of Life.
bungston, Jan 14 2010

       Damn, this asshole detector just won't switch off.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 14 2010

       It could be packaged in boxes as a stocking filler
pocmloc, Jan 14 2010

       Surely, in that case, it would be a box filler?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 14 2010

       What if you wear boxes on your feet?
pocmloc, Jan 14 2010

       I am astonished that 'Salt Path' and 'Eutectic Mixture' in Google do not result in a decent explanation as to why we throw salt on our paths. If anybody wants I can send them a picture.
[MB] can probably back the picture up with Thermodynamic and chemical data!.
I did this once in Chemistry and no Cocoa Nibs were involved!
Bun for the (too late in SE England) idea BTW!
gnomethang, Jan 14 2010

       //What if you wear boxes on your feet?// Only works for herring boxes, without topses.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 14 2010

       : )
popbottle, Dec 21 2014


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