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Flipping Sidewalk

A Sidewalk that flips over to get rid of snow
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The sidewalk would be made of a strong and (relative to concrete) light material, and each square would be suspended above a 6-4 foot deep trench in the front lawn. the blocks would each be attached to an axel that runs through the middle, and is turned by a conveyor belt. when snow builds up on the sidewalk, a motor is activated, a small orange warning fence pops up in front of the sidewalk, and each block would flip over, dumping the snow into the trench. especially useful to those with back problems.
schematics, Apr 22 2004


       Truly halfbaked.
FarmerJohn, Apr 22 2004

       I keep reading this as flippant sidewalk
theircompetitor, Apr 22 2004

       Could also serve as the diabolical trap door on your doorstep for the Mormons or other sales people.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 22 2004

       Has anyone seen fluffy? (muffled, shivering "meow")
Worldgineer, Apr 22 2004

       How about the Evil Flipping Sidewalk to go with the Evil Door?   

       [+] on this though.
zigness, May 19 2004

       Hey!!! If you don't like my driving, stay off the flippin' sidewalk!!!
zigness, May 19 2004

       What would happen if one cracked? Would there be a sidewalk rescue team?   

       Just riding your scooter/bike down the sidewalk and *Thwomp* you fall down a 6 foot pothole.
Wingmaster, Jan 09 2007


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