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Bouncy bar.

Bouncy dance floor.
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How cool would it be for the dance floor at your local bar/club what ever to be replaced by a bouncy castle. There would be bouncers at the entrance to the bouncy castle to ensure nobody takes drinks in and spills them everywhere. And nobody that was deemed drunk enough to thow up would be allowed on either. This fixes all those "I'm to old to go on a bouncy castle" problems.
Gulherme, Aug 06 2002

Empre TV Ad Newspaper story http://www.smh.com.....html?from=storyrhs
[aerojason, Oct 05 2004]


       Woah I even made a pun without knowing it.
Gulherme, Aug 06 2002

       Back in the old days (so my mother tells me), all the good dance halls had sprung floors.
angel, Aug 06 2002

       1. You need to provide lockers where people can put change, keys, spectacles, lighters, stanley knives etc., and 2. You might need to get people to sign a release in case they fall and damage themselves (after all they may well have a few drinks inside them). But it sounds like fun. Croissant.
8th of 7, Aug 06 2002

       You might do a good business selling sport bras and bustles at the door.
FarmerJohn, Aug 06 2002

       I hate it when I get so drunk that I thow up
Mr Burns, Aug 06 2002

       serve the drinks in squeeze bottles (NASA style) so you can take them with you.
rbl, Aug 06 2002

       The mosh pit will never be the same.
RayfordSteele, Aug 06 2002

       I am picturing people who can't dance in the first place, much less in a "bouncy castle", falling over, getting stepped on, and becoming seriously injured.   

BinaryCookies, Aug 06 2002

       Great way for singles to meet. Crashing into someone becomes a legitimate pickup move.
hinkle, Aug 06 2002

       oh yes this definitely gets a croissant, I was actually on said bouncy apparatus last weekend at my friends summer party (Arabian Nights theme), and beer is always present, though I must confess too much fizzy drink, be it lager and/or lemonade can leave one's stomach feeling slightly tender. Real Ales, Guinness or non fizzy squashes are the connossieur's choice for this apparatus. Release forms are an evil necessity, though please note the phenomenon of 'Big Air'
'Big Air' is achieved when one bounces just as another is landing thus propelling you upwards slightly higher then you would usually go. when 'Big Air' is achieved it is also compulsary to shout 'Big Air' gleefully and attempt to return the compliment.
The_Englishman_Abroad, Aug 06 2002

       Jumping castle ideas seem to be your forte Gulherme, I loved the spiderman one and this also deserves a croissant.   

       A fun addition would be a mosh pit filled with nerf balls.
madradish, Aug 07 2002

       This would be an incredibly way to sell more alcohol. People bouncing around, happily spilling their drinks, then have to go get more.   

       Even if they're sold in squeezy bottles, people would be squirting them at each other. Fortunes could be made.
sadie, Aug 09 2002

       Gulhereme whatever you're taking it must be fun. Enjoy
crossboy, Aug 14 2003

       We did this at a party once, with the addition of a strobe light. It was a wonderful and dangerous experience. Several people where hospitalised. Croissant.
nichpo, Aug 14 2003

       Whee!! +
k_sra, Aug 14 2003

       This concept was picked up (from here?) by an advertising agency (George Patterson Bates) working for Australia's Carlton & United Brewery to create a TV commercial for their new Empire Beer. Impressive CGI, and the walls, floor, bar, bathroom and everything else appear to be made of inflatable rubber.
aerojason, Nov 27 2003


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