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Cannon Bowling

Bowling for the Lazy and/or Cannon Happy
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Cannon Bowling utilizes standard bowling rules with the addition of a mechanically powered cannon. The cannon has a series of rotating rollers inside the barrel that add forward thrust and spin to the ball. These settings are controled by unmarked tension-based dials. You have to develop a feel for it.

The cannon is a J shaped with the longer part against the ground resting on free-wheeling castors. It is sloped slightly forward so that the end of the barrel rests only an inch off the ground. The ball is fed manually into the the loopy part of the J curve (the top) and held by a there by a trigger-linked catch stop. When you are ready, instead of using your arm to bowl the ball, you simply aim using the anti-aircraft sites, dial in the desired speed and rotation, and pull the bazooka-style trigger. Choom!

After the ball is shot, the tension dials reset. The rules state that you return the cannon to aim safely at the gutter between every ball thrown to force an aiming/ dialing effort anew.

Perhaps some handicapped people could also benefit from this. There is an optional vaccu-suck attachment to feed the ball from the return into the top of the cannon.

fredberg, Jul 27 2006

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       Aww. You had me up till the words //mechanically powered//. No bun without high explosives! It's my new rule.
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 27 2006

       this will seriously buggar up the turf!
po, Jul 27 2006

       If by //turf// you mean the wood, I kind of invisioned the cannon mounted on free-wheeling castors. I'll add more specifics to the description. How can I submit a picture sketch?
fredberg, Jul 27 2006

       po's just playing with you. If you look up 'bowling' in an encyclopedia you'll find that the word describes a variety of games played on different surfaces.   

       To add a picture to your idea, host it somewhere that allows external access and link to it via the link button. It won't appear with the idea but people will be able to see it with just a click.
st3f, Jul 27 2006

       Done and done again. See link(s).   

       Proposed category; Sport: Bowling: Projectile
jellydoughnut, Aug 03 2006

       sp. 'bugger', [po], 'bugger'!
pertinax, Aug 04 2006

jellydoughnut, Aug 04 2006

       bugger, pertinax.
po, Aug 04 2006


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