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AR ad-block

Wear a headset and block ads with it
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Movies, television, and the internet all are infested with ads these days. Most ads seen in a browser can be blocked with an Adblock-like plugin but there's always some sneaky thing, like inserting an ad partway through a Youtube video, or 20 minutes of ads at the theater before they'll actually start playing the movie. This augmented reality app would consist of an Adblock like interface for this kind of advertisement. Billboards, ads on your cereal box, ads in a magazine, and of course ads on television would all be recognized using similar technology to browser plugins. The image or video would be covered over with a user-selected scene or picture and external audio would be muted and replaced with, say, Strauss.
Voice, Apr 22 2016


       What if it's an advert for Strauss?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 22 2016


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