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Boxer Shorts Vertical Containment Pants

Additional elastic waistband to tuck your boxers into
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Sew an additional waistband, made of elastic, into the inside of a pair of pants. The hem should be at the top of the waistbands. The waistband of your boxer shorts can now be contained between the two waistbands of your pants, preventing ascension of your boxers. Of course, you will now have three waistbands to wrangle with.
saprolite, Mar 03 2009

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       Isn't underwear *supposed* to stick out, these days, what with low-rise and all?
jutta, Mar 06 2009

       I think it depends on whose underwear it is
saprolite, Mar 06 2009

       I'd like a pair of bell bottom underpants.   

       Kinda, T Rex jingling boxer pants.
skinflaps, Mar 06 2009


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