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Cowboy Wishbones

walk like a cowboy
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Insert a pair of Cowboy Wishbones down your trousers and start walking like a real cowboy, who looks like they have been on horseback for the last twenty years.
xenzag, May 29 2007

Posting the trot http://horses.about.../ht/postthetrot.htm
Great exercise, and the best way to cover a lot of ground over a long period of time. [normzone, May 29 2007]

Try this http://www.amazon.c...-Gold/dp/B0000AT58D
I like to put it down my MC Hammer pants [pigtails_and_ponies, May 31 2007]

Now you know what they look like after all this time https://www.tumblr....-these?source=share
have wishbones, insert horse.... [xenzag, Apr 15 2023]


       Im not sure i like the idea of having to break my femurs to get my legs to deform.
jhomrighaus, May 29 2007

       Lovely. Also useful for Oscar-seeking child actors playing vitamin D-deprived street urchins.
calum, May 29 2007

       Actually potentially useful.   

       If you articulate it a little bit and put some spring action into it, you could use it to help keep you on the horse. Might even help you in posting a trot.
normzone, May 29 2007

       Could also be used to walk like a real sailor. You know, from the times when the ships were made of wood and the men as tough as steel instead of vice versa.
zeno, May 29 2007

       I understand that a good case of the clap can make anyone walk that way.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 29 2007

po, May 29 2007

       I think he meant it took the whole case, po, not just one. Nice try, though.
Canuck, Jun 01 2007

       Get off your horse and eat your bun.
zen_tom, Jun 01 2007

       See pic last link.
xenzag, Apr 16 2023

       This idea has good jeans.
Sgt Teacup, Apr 16 2023


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