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Fake rubber ass

Eye catching!
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High riding T-shirts and low riding pants have been adopted by the masses, and frequently masses is what such outfits reveal. Some svelte types like myself might feel themselves to be at a disadvantage. I propose that the cummerbund-like device be constructed, with the back consisting of sythetic flesh-toned rubber buttcheeks. This FRA would be only the very tops of the cheeks, plumber-style, and the rubber part would taper so that it might be tucked into pants. The T-shirt should descend to cover the upper part of the FRA.

The FRA could be sold at streetfairs, novelty shops and other similar places.

bungston, Dec 01 2004

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       Perhaps the crack could serve as a bottle opener?
ldischler, Dec 01 2004

       Thought this was going to be a sex aid for stud donkeys....
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 01 2004

       //for stud donkeys//   

       Not necessarily.
Detly, Dec 01 2004

       Do you have that in rodent?
jutta, Dec 01 2004

       Optional hair

[Jutta], at least it wasn't "Fake rubber Donkey"
Ling, Dec 01 2004

       At least she didn't ask "Do you have rodent in that?"
half, Dec 01 2004

       [half], is that a gerbil reference? [link]
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 01 2004

       (((((((hug)))))))) just for [buns-ton], ooops I meant [bungston] of coarse.
blissmiss, Jun 18 2009

       bungston bungston bungston Yo! Excellent
vfrackis, Jun 21 2009

       For women, the fake rubber ass could include an optional string on the back to look like a thong... look like you're wearing the thong without the discomfort!   

       Come to think of it, they could also sport decorative butt tatoos.
Yappa, Jun 23 2009

       The dudes could just have a pair of Fruit of the Looms, riding up badly.
bungston, Jun 23 2009


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