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Brain Heatsink

A heatsink to cool your brain.
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Does your head sometimes overheat from thinking of too many halfbaked ideas?

Why not borrow the solution used in your PC? An aluminum heatsink hat, designed for wearing on the head. A fin style heatsink offers a high surface area to weight ratio and provides multiple airflow paths through the fins, allowing better cooling of the head.

The heatsink can be especially effective for bald people, and can be also useful to reduce fever.

aronbrand, Jul 31 2006

Migra-Cap http://headaches.ab...ws/fr/migra_cap.htm
Cold therapy, light blocking, and gentle pressure -- all in one. [Dub, Jul 31 2006]


       Would need to have some sort of automatic trepannation mechanism, so as to avoid (a) wasting energy chilling the skull and (b) causing hair to become brittle and lifeless.
calum, Jul 31 2006

       Or just get one of those neck-coolers from Sharper Image - all the blood to your head goes through your neck, after all.
DrCurry, Jul 31 2006

       Baked, I think... I think I've seen an (Australian?) migraine Ice Cap - thing, which does the same thing... Nice idea, though [linky]
Dub, Jul 31 2006

       Ice is too cold for comfort, and ice based solution requires the availability of a freezer. A heatsink requires no energy, works for an unlimited amount of time, and always tends to be at room temperature.
aronbrand, Jul 31 2006

       Baked. Your body does regulates your internal temperature naturally. If you brain actually gets too hot, you'd have a heat stroke. However, if you survived the heat stroke, YOU would be half-baked.
MoreCowbell, Jul 31 2006

       I want to see something like this, but in a lightning storm.   


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