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Keep a hat in the fridge for when you need to cool you head down.
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A hat mad from a material which was filled with a fluid or gel and kept in the fridge.

Eveyone knows the head is full of heat, therefore isn't the best way to cool down to chill the head ?

Perfect for hangovers, or just cooling down after exertion.

mattt, Nov 03 2005

COOL HEAD™ http://www.heatreli...php/products_id/454
"is a patented under-the-hat personal cooling system. It consists of a reusable gel pack, which you freeze, and an ultra soft terry cloth pouch that adheres to the interior crown of your hat with a Velcro attachment." [angel, Nov 03 2005]

Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap http://www.seniorsh...com/cranialcap.html
The Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap, are hot or cold packs designed to provide non-chemical headache relief (no aspirin, etc), and treatment of migraine headaches, hypothermia, and hyperpyrexia or heat stroke. [mattt, Jan 23 2006]


       Anyone think of a Dr Seussism to go with this?
skinflaps, Nov 03 2005

       You can do better than that [Ian]
skinflaps, Nov 03 2005

       Twenty seconds with Goooogle (linky).
angel, Nov 03 2005

       What is it lately with the one word idea titles?
theircompetitor, Nov 03 2005

       Brevity is the soul of twit.
DrCurry, Nov 03 2005

       Your link is similar but not the same [angel], you have linked a patch which can be attached to a hat. This is a hat in its own right.   

       I like this idea. Gel is generally better than an ice pack, and such packs are usually placed on the head. Making a hat of such a material is elegantly inobvious. The only drawback I can think of is the difficulty for Mexicans in trying to get a sombrero in the fridge. That and it needs a better name.   

       Oh, and I'm curious as to what made your hat mad [mattt]. Welcome to the halfbakery.
hidden truths, Nov 03 2005

       white wine! thankyou dear - just pop it in the fridge next to the hats.
benfrost, Nov 04 2005

       I like my Hat. My Hat is Phat. Oh! Do not swat my Hat with That! -Dr Cseuss
csea, Jan 24 2006

       The Title is original, to say nonetheleast.
DesertFox, Jan 24 2006

       [mattt] appears to be one hat mad.
wagster, Jan 24 2006


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