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The Englishman's Subhat

A C shaped contraption bounding the base of the skull that blows cool air
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I have no idea which part of my genetics to blame for this, but when I drink, my ears turn various shades of red.

I suspect it's the anglo genetics that are to blame, but no matter.

A semicircular psuedo hat with a battery driven fan that blows the blessed cool air over your ears is the E subhat!


Zimmy, Mar 09 2006

rosacea? http://www.internat...n.org/symptoms.php4
[po, Mar 09 2006]

Neck Cooler http://www.sharperi...tview/sku__SI758SL2
[DrCurry, Mar 09 2006]


       I don't remember which way the air blows, but Sharper Image sells something just about exactly like this.   

       - Oh, wait a minute, it cools the neck by conduction rather than blowing cool air (although it blows air over water to achieve the cooling). In fact, your idea is probably better - I found this thing too cold when I tried it. But clearly the technology is close to what you want.
DrCurry, Mar 09 2006

       I'd wear it round the front as I blush badly after a faux pas (ie often).
wagster, Mar 09 2006

       Bonus points if it can be added to underwear in summer.   

       Another bonus point to blow out lightly minty fresh air to waft away vile booze breath.
rubyminky, Mar 14 2006

       Actually its normally due to a slight allergic reaction to alcohol. Nothing major although when I drink too much I do go bright red.
miasere, Mar 14 2006


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