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rain hat

a hat that produces a pretty waterfall effect around the face for cooling and aesthetic purposes
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perhaps a ten-gallon hat? perhaps not – it might prove to be a wee bit heavy. a litre would most probably be adequate to give a pleasant spray as one perambulates in the heat. the reservoir is in the centre and the apertures around the brim of the hat can be adjusted to allow a short deluge or a longer refreshing light shower.

if you did happen to get caught in a real shower, more to the good; as your reservoir would be topped up without any bother.

beer might prove to be popular as an alternative.

po, Aug 06 2003


       How about vodka as an alternative? It's high alcohol content would mean that it would evapourate more rapidly producing an increased cooling effect. It's also nearly odourless. hic.+
nichpo, Aug 06 2003

       Mr. Burns, you are a genius. Why didn't you tell us that you saw Po's rain hat on your screen? Is it going to hit my area and for how long?
sartep, Aug 06 2003

       throw a bucket of water over me but I need this..
po, Aug 07 2003


k_sra, Aug 07 2003

       Well, if it's going to be a damed reservoir it sounds like a good place for some power generation equipment. Perhaps to drive a fan?
Worldgineer, Aug 07 2003

       thanks k_sra.   

       world, fan? please..
po, Aug 07 2003

       Now why did I think this was a FarmerJohn effort? Maybe he'll draw you a pretty picture if you ask him nicely.
DrCurry, Aug 07 2003

       FJ, pretty please?
po, Aug 07 2003

       Your are most likely to need it when the sun is out and you are sweating. Put a little solar cell and a pump together. The pump pumps the sweat that ran into your shoes back onto the hat. No wasted water any more and no blisters from wet socks while hiking.
kbecker, Aug 07 2003



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