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Brainy battling robot

uses intelligent artificiality
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This thin long and fragile battlebot looks carefully at the opponent understands its strengths and flaws draws the bully into battle elegantly side stepping the brute force and then luring the enemy into using its own power agaiinst itself, Judo style.

The robot has an assortment of tools including a tiny pet ant that penetrates into the enemy robot and disrupts the circuitry, oil that makes the enemy slip, a decoy sticky skin which traps the enemy like a spider web. and antenna like arms far reaching that flip the enemy upside down. Our bot itself is modular connected by magnets when cut in two can reconnect itself.

But the main thing is the use of intelligence to avoid the brute force of the enemy and using that force against themselves.

pashute, Dec 18 2022


       Does it have a name?
whatrock, Dec 20 2022

       Johnny Five.
a1, Dec 20 2022

       But not Marvin.
whatrock, Dec 20 2022

       Definitely not Marvin. Johnny 5 (nee SAINT unit #5) was as ridiculously cheerful as Marvin was dour.
a1, Dec 20 2022


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