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Hamsterball Robot Battle

Simple, safe, fun.
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Robots for robot wars are complicated, expensive and dangerous. That is part of the appeal, but these aspects limit who can participate.

Robot hamsterballs would be less complicated and less dangerous. Also they would be reusable, and so less wasteful.

I propose remote controlled hamsterball wars. Robot hamsterballs would have size and weight limits. One could have 2 competitors or many.

The event would take place in a circular arena surrounded by a trough. It would be like sumo. There would be several elements, but like sumo, strategy would be key.

If your robot hamsterball goes into the trough, you lose.

I especially like this because it offers the possibility of a robot hamsterball construction kit that one could market with a clear conscience, the possibility of freeform creation of real things out of readily available parts, and a game people could play at home (perhaps in a chalk circle). Maybe the Lego Mindstorm people could make something like this. One might even market an assortment of clamshell-hinged balls of different size and construction.

bungston, Apr 16 2008

Hampsterball Robot Discussion http://blag.xkcd.co...4/22/hooray-robots/
Regarding the xkcd comic at http://xkcd.com/413/ [bdjnk, Mar 13 2009]


       It occurs to me that people within giant hamsterballs (are those things called zorbs?) could have a similar sumo battle.
bungston, Apr 16 2008

       Hampster wheel powered vegetable peelers?
normzone, Apr 16 2008

       Look at me posting to my own idea! Another nice aspect of the Mindstorm / Hamsterball robot combination is that simple artifical intelligences could be designed for autonomous robot battles. One could make a "Charger" robot, a "Dodger" robot etc. This begins to converge on the Robot Battle program - excpet these are real entities.   

       I envision contests between teams of nerds representing high schools / scout groups etc. They would take place on basketball courts. They would be fun to watch!
bungston, Apr 16 2008

       Will this idea not lead to serious and widespread unemployment amongst hamsters ? Shame on you ....
8th of 7, Apr 16 2008

       And what are the hamsters doing all this time ? Lazy little beggers...   

       Put them to work; breed "attack variety" hamsters; stuff them full of testosterone; shake the ball before the match to make them mad and aggressive... etc, etc.
FlyingToaster, Apr 17 2008

       Robosumo? I don't know...
Voice, Apr 17 2008

       Why did I envision hamsters at controls inside perspex balls ? . Probably a neural association with that goldfish freeing helium balloon.
wjt, Mar 15 2009

       //remote controlled hamsterball//. Where is the hamster during the battle? Is he in the hamster ball? If so why? If not, why not?
knowtion, Mar 15 2009


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