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Rolling, single-minded army
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This may not be fesible. While idle, you have a fairly smooth metal (or composite material) sphere about 2 feet in diameter. On the 'lower' half is a collection of 6 or 7 legs, each equiped with two or three tools each (retractable). On the upper half is a single gleeming 'eye'. If miniturization will allow, then the 'eye' will be able to see the visible, infared, and ultraviolet spectrums. Also at the very top (beneath the surface) is either a small satallite antena, or some unique mid-range communications unit.

The Power for this robot will be in the form of an Electromagnetic 'bottle' nuclear core, with an opening in the bottom to eject any excess material or super-heated gases (It has to fly somehow). The EM 'bottle' will be created with (what is currently sci-fi) some sort of "force-field". If that is not probable, I am open to suggestions.

The processors for these machines will operate under the 'Hive Mind' theory, where the more minds there are, the smarter the 'collective'. This is why the communications array is VERY important and needs to be quite fast, preferably a bit faster than the individual processors. In order for esured loyalty, the robots must be programmed with a 'No-Kill' fail-safe. That too is open to suggestion.

As for weapons, well, I was hoping that somehow a small laser coud be installed within the confines of the eye. Another possible weapon could be a 'powerful' (as stong as possible) taser built into the legs, or into smaller, and longer, 'arms'. As a final resort, there could be a small, thermo-nuclear, self destruct (remove all the safeties from the power unit).

Midon, Feb 03 2004

spherebot? http://www.egr.msu....tomikfil/page5.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004]

Another spherebot Spherical_20Battlebot
Posted in a different category because expected to be custom-built, not a typical "product" [Vernon, Apr 07 2016]

It COULD be spherical... _22ScrubBot_20can_20handle_20it_22
[normzone, Apr 08 2016]


       I would vote against this but im afraid you'd hunt me down and do wierd things to my skull
slapdash loser, Feb 03 2004

       I guess you weren't paying attention during Terminator...?
DrCurry, Feb 03 2004

       Baked by George Lucas.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 03 2004

       // I was hoping that somehow a small laser coud be installed within the confines of the eye. //   

       You were hoping, huh? Gee I dunno, I think you went too far there.
waugsqueke, Feb 03 2004

       Love that introduction - "this may not be feasible." Classic.
Detly, Feb 04 2004

       Love the message on your user page.Noted.
skinflaps, Feb 04 2004

       Reminds me of MorpHex. Look that up on YouTube.
notexactly, Apr 07 2016

Voice, Apr 08 2016

       Actually, no, [Detly].   

       What [Midon] wrote was " This may not be fesible.   

       This is NOT a reference to Fess Parker of Daniel Boone fame, but rather a nod to Forbes Energy Services LTD.   

       [Midon] created an account prior to the crash of 2004, posted this idea, annotated on two others in 2003 and 2004, then vanished from the perspective of the Halfbakery.   

       Perhaps the removal of the safeties from the self destruct mechanism was not such a good idea after all.
normzone, Apr 08 2016

       /While idle, you have a fairly smooth metal (or composite material) sphere about 2 feet in diameter/   

       I am, and I do! It is copper, and shiny!   

       But my doing any more would negate the first proposition so we will have to leave it at that.
bungston, Apr 09 2016


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