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Miniature Medieval

Have You're own 100 Years War In 10 minutes!
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Ever wondered what its like to be in a Medieval battle? Well, wonder no more! Introducing Miniature Medival! This idea would have miniature robots dressed in plastic chain mail and with aluminum swords performing different commands. The operator of this miniature army would have a remote with different buttons to make the archers fire as a group, move left etc, but having the seige weapons or calvary or infantry on a different series of command buttons. They would also have infa-red sensors and detectors so that if a enemy troop was nearby they would automatically slash their sword at the base of the signal. Or perhaps the battlefield itself could have infa red so that it could have hills and the soldiers would not stumble. Castles could also be sold so that one could have an invasion battle with youre friend/coworker during recess/worktime. Catapults would be included.
lions8, Jan 04 2007

//Ever wondered what its like to be in a Medieval battle? // http://www.the-exil...rticle%20Towton.htm
Wonder no more. It wasn't fun. [DrBob, Jan 04 2007]


       I think video games have kind of covered this without the advanced robotics.
5th Earth, Jan 04 2007

       Different from video games I think, [5th Earth]; rather, this sounds like a natural and highly entertaining progression from the games currently played with non-robotic 'tin soldiers'. So, I'm voting in favour.
pertinax, Jan 04 2007

       I would have thought that Creative Assembly had enough on their hands at the moment...but you never know.
skinflaps, Jan 04 2007

       This is my first idea. Man this half a bun is yummy!
lions8, Jan 06 2007


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