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Brassiere-Matched Tops

(rant thinly disguised as an idea)
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Women's tops' manufacturers should state, on the laundry label, at least one bra model which will go with the top without poking out, and alternative model(s) that will complement the style/colour if for some obscure reason the wearer actually wants the straps and/or lacing to be seen.

So the overall effect is rather better than "I was dressed by a poorly programmed industrial packaging robot".

FlyingToaster, Aug 01 2010


       too many variables to work really but a nice thought.
po, Aug 01 2010

       //too many variables to work// in some respects yes I imagine, but not in others. Even a basic "this bra's straps are thin enough to be hidden under the top's straps" or "this bra's straps are the same width and/or texture and/or matching or complementary colour so they can be shown" would be a start...   

       (okay the offenders all seem to be under 30's but that's certainly long enough to have developed some common (fashion) sense).
FlyingToaster, Aug 01 2010

       Could you not, and in fact do you not, in fact have tops with built-in bras?
nineteenthly, Aug 01 2010

       I have observed that showing the straps and other undergarment portions great and small is exactly the look some of them are going for. Madonna even had an outfit one time with the bra on the OUTSIDE of the top. I just figured it must have been a rough night for her, but I was later counseled that it was intentional...
Grogster, Aug 01 2010

       //the look some of them are going for// I have few illusions concerning my own fashion sense, but even I wouldn't wear stripes with plaid (unless it was really close to laundry day) or a lumberjack shirt with dress pants.
FlyingToaster, Aug 01 2010

       // I was later counseled that it was intentional //   

       Females are very odd. Best avoid.
8th of 7, Aug 01 2010

       It is only through these supposed fashion faux pas that some men ever learn of the existence of bras.
rcarty, Aug 02 2010

       I bunned this idea, but after spending last evening at the fair, I'd say that a lot of girls would deliberately mis-use the system.
baconbrain, Aug 07 2010

       And all the better. Some bras have the brand woven into the strap. I once saw a freckly redhead wearing a tank top over a Victoria's Secret bra. This was after a beetle had gotten into her sweater.
nomocrow, Aug 08 2010


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