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Break boarding

It involves potential limb breakage in the most spectacular ways.
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My idea for a new 'sport' combines old school flat land skate boarding, with break dancing. Both of these activities involve spinning and jumping around in the most unusual cool looking way possible so I think combining them would be great.
The contestant would need to be highly agile and with quite a high degree of co-ordination (rules me out for starters). They need to be able to use any large open skateable area to pull off a combination of skateboard and break dancing tricks to suitable music. Headstands on a moving skate board should be more than interesting to watch.
kaz, Oct 03 2002


       Oh, so this is not about hotels in Ft. Lauderdale.
bristolz, Oct 03 2002

       if I can't do this on a bungee rope then forget it - boring!
po, Oct 03 2002

       I suppose you could attatch yourself to a bungee rope if you were so inclined [po]. Who am I to interject?
kaz, Oct 03 2002

       i have this great visual of kaz being 'interjected' at po as she bounces on the bungee..
yamahito, Oct 03 2002

       close your eyes yama, you are supposed to be *above* these things - hah
po, Oct 03 2002

       sp: skool.
calum, Oct 03 2002

       Head down to Venice Beach, California, the skate park at Windward Street, Sundays at 12. Baked, sprinkled, rolled and smoked.
General Washington, Oct 03 2002

       I know I spelt school wrong, however I can't actually bring myself to spell it like that. I would also love to go to venice beach however my location in britain kinda prevents it.
kaz, Oct 04 2002

       Alfonso Ribeiro in this at all? (unfortunately, I couldn't find a link to his old breakdancing video..)
Mr Burns, Oct 04 2002


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