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Breakaway Purse

Thwart would-be purse-snatchers with a breakaway purse.
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Walk the streets with confidence! The breakaway purse is a purse inside a purse; the outer purse being attached to the inner purse with low tensile strength webbing. Items of less value can be kept in the zippered compartments of the outer purse, while items of higher value can be kept in the inner purse.

Should a purse-snatcher snatch your purse, he will make off with only the least of your carried possessions.

MikeD, Mar 28 2010

just hit thief with this one swiss_20army_20handbag
[po, Mar 29 2010]

The New Yorker: From the issue http://www.newyorke...ns_20100322#slide=8
[rcarty, Mar 30 2010]


       heheh [+] though [bs] I don't think a khaki purse would be high up on a thief's list.   

       Straps could be reinforced and/or have an outer breakaway shell as well.
FlyingToaster, Mar 28 2010

       <posh elderly voice> A - handbag? <pev>
po, Mar 28 2010

       [po] cunningly leaves the thief holding the baby...
pertinax, Mar 28 2010

       //I guess with your military training you could react to that in kind//   

       Damn straight! No body is stealing *my* purse!   

       Actually this is my girlfriend's idea. I tried to convince her to start her own profile, here on the HB, but she is happy with passing the idea along to me.
MikeD, Mar 28 2010

       <Insert standard anti-purse/handbag rant>   

       Better: convince human females to wear trousers with proper pockets.   

       Human females who are not convinced should be encouraged to put on skimpy dresses and high-heeled shoues they can't run in, have too much to drink, and then go out alone and take the short cut though the fog-filled graveyard where the deformed psychopath is known to lurk. If they survive, send them out again the next night until they get the message, or (preferably) are found the next morning chopped up into medium-sized pieces and stuffed into a selection of handbags ..
8th of 7, Mar 28 2010

       //convince human females to wear trousers with proper pockets//   

       But she *does* wear the pants ...
MikeD, Mar 28 2010

       Do they have pockets suitable for carrying money, Swiss Army Knife, house keys, Leatherman multi-tool, vehicle keys, LED flashlight, compass, USB pendrive, small bottle of gun oil and small leather wallet containing two AA cells, two AAA cells, one CR2032 lithium coin cell and a spare cellphone battery ?   

       If not, it's fog-filled graveyard time.
8th of 7, Mar 28 2010

       A woman, [8th]. A woman. I want to date a woman. Not McGyver or Chuck Norris. I want to be with a woman.
MikeD, Mar 28 2010

       You're weird.
8th of 7, Mar 29 2010

       At one point during college I was engaged in a discussion of alternative storage locations for women. It was related specifically to palm pilots at the time, but it has other applications. It was primarily intended for for use with evening wear. Specific suggestions were the obvious one that depends on endowment, thigh holster (slit dresses), ankle holster (long dresses), and embedding a sleeve in a french twist type hairstyle.   

       And yes, the women I went to school with were the types that carried PDAs while in formal wear.
MechE, Mar 29 2010

       // the types that carried PDAs while in formal wear //   

       They're nearly the best sort.   

       The best sort not only carry PDAs but also handguns.
8th of 7, Mar 29 2010

       I've tried, but I can't get my girl past carrying pepper spray, stun guns, and "tactical" flashlights. She does shoot well though.
normzone, Mar 29 2010

       normz, maybe she is like me and you just don't know it, and she parks her cannon around the block from your house...out of sight...she could. "Touch my purse you blockhead, and I'll make paper towels outta your brain". That's our creed.
blissmiss, Mar 29 2010

       they don't call you blastmiss for nothing.
po, Mar 30 2010

       //I'll make paper towels outta your brain//   

       Ever since I showed my girlfriend how to operate the 12 gauge I keep in the bedroom, I feel obliged to announce my self *both loudly *and sweetly when I come home from work ... lest I receive a buck-shot facial through the bedroom door.
MikeD, Mar 30 2010

       8th, several types of gadgets require a pair of CR2030 cells, so having just one might be insufficient.
goldbb, Mar 30 2010

       You could have the breakaway part of the purse contain a type indellable dye. It could explode all over the criminal when it gets more than X meters from the purse.   

       It'd make them think twice before taking another purse...
xxobot, Mar 31 2010

       Sub a fragmentary grenade for the dye and they will either think more than twice or less than once.
MikeD, Mar 31 2010


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