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Flip purse

A purse that opens top or bottom
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A purse with zippers on the top and bottom. Carrying straps attach at a mid-point on the sides. Stuff one wants to carry goes in pockets, elastic loops, attaches to an inside surface with Velcro or is just dropped in.

Rather than dig for something that's buried, simply flip the purse over and open from the other end.

phoenix, Jun 11 2003


       (forgetful person forgets to zip top end before upending...   



       *flutter!* )   

ato_de, Jun 11 2003

       That reminds me of the guy who went down to the market place to buy milk and eggs, but he forgot to bring a basket for the eggs or a pail for the milk (this was in the old days).   

       He gets to the milk seller and realizes that he doesn’t have a pail, so, thinking quickly, he takes off his hat and has the milk seller fill it with milk. Then he goes to the egg seller and realizes that he doesn’t have a basket, so he turns his hat inside out and fills the other side with eggs (not realizing that all the milk has spilled out).   

       When he gets home, his wife sees the hat full of eggs and asks where the milk is. “Right here on the other side,” he says as he flips the hat over.
AO, Jun 11 2003

       And that, as they say, was nothing like a good joke.
DrCurry, Jun 11 2003


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