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Google Handbag

The final frontier
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Google Earth, Google Desktop, Google Maps; where will it end?
I dare not rifle my wife’s handbag. The reason; I can’t find anything quickly enough before some sort of alarm goes off.
“What are you doing?”
“Do you want to borrow £10 to go down the pub?”
“Give it here…here you are”
Google Handbag ™ indexes the contents of handbags, enables rapid searches and earns revenue using targetted adverts.
It will do no evil.
DenholmRicshaw, Aug 24 2006


       I must say no. Do women want to Google Toolbox or sock drawer? no way. Please stay out of our purses. It is kind of funny, so no fishbone. After all I do have a sense of humor.
xandram, Aug 24 2006

       Google Toolbox is a damned good idea...

Except it's more like Google "Tools spread around all parts of the house"
DenholmRicshaw, Aug 24 2006

       I think women would like this better than men would.   

       Also something that lets them determine whether there is, in fact, a penny somewhere within the 3-kilogram melange of makeup items, coinage, feminine products, etc. that she is rummaging through for 10 minutes while standing in front of the supermarket cashier.
phundug, Aug 24 2006

       Google Search>> handbag "one penny" near lipstick accessible

Results 1 - 14 of about 16 for handbag "one penny" near lipstick accessible. (0.25 seconds)

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Great deals on One Penny Shop on eBay and Save!
DenholmRicshaw, Aug 24 2006

       Buy One Penny for as low as $9.99 at bargains.com
phundug, Aug 24 2006

       Oh, come on! A penny ain't worth a dime anymore!
zeno, Aug 25 2006

       I'm not sure Google has the capacity to catalogue the average lady's handbag. I mean, the internet, sure, but a handbag...
moomintroll, Aug 25 2006

       No way, anything that deprives me of the joy of waiting in a queue in a shop while some woman empties her life out onto the counter in search of 20p can't be a good thing. [+]
Azazello, Aug 25 2006

       Just before anyone else suggests it, a "Google Google" to tell you which Google-enabled tool you should use.
hippo, Aug 25 2006

       now do I need to fix the flap on this handbag? Better look it up in glueoogle + Sorry [DR] you can blame Hippo and take a look at DrBob's most excellent idea "the Flamer's Guide to halfbakery" to see why. (+) for your own suitably daft idea.
xenzag, Aug 25 2006

       [-] for anything that suggests evil google get any more of a share of our lives.
webfishrune, Aug 25 2006


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